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General Practice

Probate is the administration of the estate of a deceased.  A deceased’s estate may be administered with a will (testate) or without a will (intestate).  A decedent’s estate may also require administration under a trust.  Our firm provides a variety of probate related services such as summary administration, formal administration, caveats, wills, trusts both revocable and irrevocable, land trusts and estate planning.

An inter vivos transfer is a transfer made by someone before death.  In certain circumstances, an inter vivos transfer may be preferred by an individual.  An inter vivos transfer will eliminate the need for probate for that particular transferred asset.

A guardianship is the legal arrangement in which one person (the guardian) has the legal right and duty to care for another (the ward) and his or her property.  Our firm provides services such as guardianships of minors, incompetency and incapacity proceedings, guardianships for incapacitated persons, and reporting and management of estates.

White collar crime refers to accusations of various types of nonviolent conduct allegedly committed by corporations and individuals including theft, bribery, fraud and other violations of trust allegedly committed in the course of the alleged offenders occupation or business.  The white collar criminal defense services that we provide include a wide variety of both state and federal matters stemming from business relationships, corporate conduct and business transactions.  Our firm will take on other defense matters, both misdemeanor and felony, on a case by case basis depending on the nature of the charges.

Family law governs domestic relations.  Our firm provides the following services of family law in Miami and the whole state of Florida: divorce, child support determinations and modifications, paternity suits, custody issues, enforcement of marriage settlement agreements, distribution of marital assets, sale of real property, partition actions and child support collections. For more information, please contact us, or visit our offices in Miami, where one of our attorneys specializing in family law in Miami will be happy to assist you.

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